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Brothers and Sons Trees - ABQ Trees

Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho, NM

Tree trimming and pruning are important practices for maintaining the health of a tree. Tree trimming involves removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches, while pruning involves trimming and shaping a tree's branches to promote healthy growth and development. Tree pruning can also help reduce the risk of storm damage by removing weak or dead branches that could be prone to being torn off in storms. Properly pruning a tree also helps it to look more attractive and can increase the amount of sunlight that reaches the ground beneath the tree. Trimming and pruning should be done with care, as removing too much can weaken the tree and lead to insect infestations or disease. If you are unsure of how to properly trim or prune your tree, it is best to seek the advice of a professional arborist. That's where we come in.

Brothers and Sons can prune or trim trees of all sizes and can haul away branches and debris left over, leaving you with a clean and tidy yard ready for use...or ready to be seen by your neighbors. Call Brothers and Sons to schedule tree trimming and pruning today!

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